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This operation has originated two different beehives: the Two Colony Hive and the Combination Queen Rearing Nucleus and Comb Honey Hive.

In 2016 we are selling Two Colony Hive starter units for $110 plus shipping (and sales tax in NYS). The unit consists of one assembled hive body, a migratory lid, and an attached bottom board, a queen excluder, and one knocked down hive body. Standard 10 frame equipment can be used as honey supers. A two story two colony hive uses 20 standard deep Langstroth frames; these are not included. Payment should be made by mailing a check. Please e-mail johnstonsbees@hotmail.com to make arrangements. This hive is not recommended for first year beekeepers because of the cost of start-up if bees are to be purchased. It is an excellent hive for a beekeeper with established hives who would like to produce bees and reduce swarming. With the current situation with bee diseases and short queen longevity, if you are not making increase then your hive numbers are probably decreasing.

The Two Colony Hive is well tested. Johnston’s Honeybee Farm received a 2001 Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Grant to test this hive and compare its productivity with the standard 10 frame Langstroth hive. This grant was completed in 2004. During the course of this project, standard hives overwintered an average of 0.71 clusters of bees (71%) while the two colony hives averaged 1.49 clusters per hive successfully overwintered. Two colony hives were mainly used to produce nucs and brood for sale to other beekeepers. In 2004, a pair of two colony hives were used primarily for honey production. These two hives averaged 357 pounds surplus of honey and wax each. The eight highest producing hives in our operation averaged 151 pounds. The final report for this grant is a separate page on this web site.

The Combination Queen Rearing Nucleus and Comb Honey Hive will not be for sale in 2016. We will consider producing this hive for sale after sales of two colony hives become more established.
The Combination Queen Rearing Nucleus and Comb Honey Hive received a 2005 Northeast SARE grant that was completed in 2009. This hive serves two purposes. In the Spring, it can be used to produce queen bees for sale to other beekeepers; in the summer, it can be used to produce comb honey or extracted honey for sale to consumers. This hive is not as productive as the two colony hive and is more suited to a beekeeper interested in raising queens. The final report for this second SARE grant has not been posted yet.





Two Colony Hive

Combination Queen Rearing Nucleus

              And Comb Honey Hive


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