Sale of Queen Bees

Our bees are:

  • Gentle
  • Mite Resistant
  • Productive
  • Winter Hardy



Queen cells are available to beekeepers who are willing to do things right and have hives ready to accept the cells on the day that we supply the cells. We do not ship queen cells because they are quite fragile and we do not believe beekeepers will have good results with cells that were shipped. Generally, we will need two weeks advance notice on queen cell orders. The first cells would be available by May 10. Price of queen cells is $6.




In 2016, we do not plan to sell a large number of caged queens. Queens are not available before June 1. Price of queens is: 1-5, $25 each; 6-10, $22 each; 11 or more, $20 each plus shipping. Full payment is required before shipping.


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